General rules for pkmnchat:
No spam!    Do not send more than 4 smilies in one message or in a row. Same goes for sound-bites and random letters. i.e. (kasjdofjk)

No cussing!    Cussing wont get you banned unless it is excessive.

No repeatedly asking to be made a mod or owner!

No advertising!    You can send advertisments in personal chats only.

Rules for mods:

Do not ban people for no reason! You may bet banned yourself for doing that.

Do not kick people for no reason!

Do not repeatedly ban people. Even if someone deserves to be banned, do not ban them and un ban them and ban them again and so on.

Do not threaten people and use your mod to bully people.

Rules for owners:

Same rules as for mods.

Do not make people mods bassed on personal frindships, likes, or disslikes.