Do you want to be a mod at Pkmnchat? Here's how to do it! In order to become a moderator on pkmn.weebly.com you must comply with the rules, chat often, and try to be a help to others. Asking an owner to make you a mod is fine but if you continuously ask it will seriously lower your chances! Owners will always be looking out for people who might make a good moderator and who fit into siad requirements, unlike some other sites that may make someone a moderator bassed on how much they like you.

    What does a mod do? A mod has the power to kick and or ban people out of the chat that are causing trouble in the chat room. Moderators also have the power to make visitors members. They also get a white pawn by their name rather than the blue one membors have. If you become a moderator, it can never be taken away from you without reason.

    Want to become an owner? In order to become an owner you have to first become a moderator. After becoming a moderator you have to stay within the moderator rules. Over time a moderator will be promoted to an owner. Owners have a golden pawn by their name.

    What does an owner do? An owner has the same powers as a moderator but can make members into moderators. Owners also have the ability to kick and or ban moderators. If you become an owner it can never be taken away from you without reason.